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Binding Conditions of the Hall Rental Agreement

  1. A deposit of $300.00 cash shall be charged at the time of booking and signing of this Rental Agreement. If at the end of the function all is in order, the deposit shall be deducted from the total cost.

  2. A cancellation fee of $200.00 from the deposit is non-refundable.

  3. The Renter (the person signing this Rental Agreement), assumes full responsibility for any infractions to any Government Laws and Liquor Board of Ontario By-Laws, for any incidents, injuries, and any resulting damages and/or consequences.

  4. The Renter assumes full responsibility for any damage to, or loss of, the Legion's property, and agrees to pay full restoration costs.

  5. The Legion provides own decoration. There fore the Renter may not hire outside decorator for the event, no decorations may be added, and fixtures may be removed, reset and/or changed in any way without the Rental chairman's consent.

  6. Smoke or Fog effects are not allowed.

  7. The use of confetti is not allowed. A penalty of $50.00 shall be charged if used.

  8. Kitchen, if used must be left as found, garbage deposited in the proper containers outside, cleaned, borrowed, articles must be accounted for, otherwise a penalty of $50.00 shall be charged.

  9. The bar shall be closed by 1:00am and the Renter must assume that the premises will be vacated by 2:00am. If failing to comply, a penalty of $50.00 shall be charged.

  10. The Legion takes no responsibility for any inconvenience and/or distress cause, if for any reasons beyond the Legion's control, the facility becomes unavailable. In these circumstances, the deposit shall be refunded in full.

  11. The prices of food and beverages shall be finalized two weeks prior to he event.

  12. All accounts must be settled within three days of the event taking place.  Alternatively, late payment interest charges of 2.0% per month, collecting fee(s) and/or legal fee(s) shall be added to the total owing balance.

  13. $50.00 charge will be charged to the Renter for NSF cheque.

  14. Profane language and gambling not allowed,

  15. No tape allowed on walls or floors, no exposed candles on tables, candles must be contained within a glass container.

  16. Legion will not be responsible for articles left behind by the Renter or guest.

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