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See below for a snippet of our menu selections

Cocktail Hour

Chef's choice of assorted hors d'oeuvres


Chicken noodle

Barszcz (beet soup) with meat or sauerkraut puff pastry rolls

Cream of Zucchini

Cream of mushroom

Butternut squash and ginger (seasonal only; Fall-Winter)


Caesar salad

Garden salad with creamy dressing

Spring mixed salad with red wine vinaigrette


Roast beef au jus

Roast beef in mushroom sauce

Beef rollatini

Breaded pork cutlet

Breaded pork cutlet with creamy/sauteed mushrooms

Pork tenderloin in Cajun/garlic/pepper sauce

Pork roast with a prune and apricot or mushroom glaze

Chicken thighs stuffed with spinach and ricotta/feta cheese

Chicken breast cutlet

Chicken cordon bleu

Chicken Parmesan

Roast turkey with stuffing (seasonal only)

Main course is served with fresh dinner rolls and butter


Roasted potatoes

Mashed potatoes with garlic/dill

Mixed vegetable medley

Rice with vegetable medley

Broccoli and carrot medley

Cauliflower and carrot medley



Cheese cake with strawberry sauce


Apple strudel a la mode

Fruit rolls (assorted flavors)

Desserts are served with coffee and tea

Midnight Snacks

Hot options;

Cabbage rolls in mushroom/tomato sauce

Croquettes with mushroom and sauerkraut or meat

Hunter's stew ("Bigos")


Cold options:

Macaroni salad

Creamy napa salad

Seasonal fruit platter

Cheese and crackers platter

Veggies and dip platter

Tortilla and smoked salmon pinwheels

Shrimp boat with seafood sauce

Deviled eggs

Cold meat jelly

Contact us for more midnight snack options

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